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Grade 80 Clevis Self-Locking Hook, 3/8", 7,100-lb. WLL

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Item #: G8SL38
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Manufacturer: YOKE
Manuf. Part #: G8-115-38
Weight (lbs): 3.4
Size: 3/8"
WLL: 7,100 lb.
Price: $54.59
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  • Grade 80 3/8" hook
  • 7,100-lb. WLL
  • Hardened steel construction for increased WLL
  • 100% magnafluxed and fatigue tested

Self-Locking hook features clevis pin for easy attachment. Self-locking latch locks any attachment in place, so you can trust your chain or strap bridle won't fall off the hook while you're loading or unloading a vehicle. Smooth hook has no tip, so it won't catch on carrier bed and damage the bed or your wire rope. Plus, there's no need to buy additional safety latches for your hook. Hook has been tested and certified for overhead lifting.

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All versions of Yoke Grade 80 Clevis Self-Locking Hooks:
Item # Size WLL Each
G8SL38 3/8" 7,100 lb. $54.59
G8SL14 1/4" to 5/16" 4,500 lb. $42.99
G8SL12 1/2" 12,000 lb. $100.99