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B/A Products Grade 80 V-Chain Assembly, 15" J-Hook and 3' Legs

Can be used for loading medium-size trucks on ramp-style carriers
Item #: BAG801
Manufacturer: B/A PRODUCTS
Manuf. Part #: G8-118-3
Weight (lbs): 21
Legs: Double
Hooks: 15" J
Price: $189.99
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The added WLL makes these V-chain assemblies perfect for heavy equipment jobs.
  • Convenience: All assemblies are tagged with the correct WLL and grade of chain
  • Strong: 12,000-lb. WLL at 60°
  • Dimensions: 3/8" chain size and 15" J Hooks
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All versions of B/A Products Grade 80 V-Chain Assembly With J-Hook:
Item # Legs Hooks Each
BAG801 Double 15" J $189.99
BAG805 Double 15" J $240.99
BAG804 Double 15" J $220.99
BAG803 Double 15" J $209.99
BAG802 Double 15" J $199.99