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CM High-Capacity Anchor Shackle w/ Screw Pin, 10,000-lb. WLL, 5/8"

Super strength and durability
Item #: ID300C
Manuf. Part #: M651AG
Weight (lbs): 1.4
Size: 5/8"
Description: Screw Pin
WLL: 10,000 lb.
Price: $20.59
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These Anchor Shackles have hundreds of uses, from repair link to fitting attachment. Made with high-capacity steel for increased strength and durability.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-capacity steel for maximum strength and durability
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All versions of High-Capacity Anchor Shackles:
Item # Size Description WLL Each
ID300C 5/8" Screw Pin 10,000 lb. $20.59
ID300B 1/2" Screw Pin 6,333 lb. $14.59
ID300A 3/8" Screw Pin 4,000 lb. $10.59
ID30A 1/2" Round Pin 6,600 lb. $13.59
ID300F 1" Screw Pin 25,000 lb. $78.59
ID300E 7/8" Screw Pin 19,000 lb. $37.59
ID300D 3/4" Screw Pin 14,000 lb. $28.59