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FEDERAL SIGNAL Illuminated Message Board, Amber LEDs

Make your emergency message seen day or night
Item #: 230230A
Weight (lbs): 8
LED Color: Amber
Lens Color: Clear
Price: $2,995.00
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This LED message board is the ideal tool to alert motorists about your work ahead. With a touch of a button, you can notify motorists with different advisories about emergencies, accidents or disabled vehicles. The bright LED display will encourage motorists to slow down and move over. Comes with 60 pre-programmed messages.

  • Versatile: Can hold up to 500 custom messages
  • Adjustable: Display can be adjusted for different lighting conditions
  • Customizable: Messages can be quickly customized to the situation at hand
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All versions of FEDERAL SIGNAL Illuminated Message Board:
Item # LED Color Lens Color Each
230230A Amber Clear $2,995.00
230230B Blue Clear $2,995.00
230230G Green Clear $2,995.00