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Industrial Grade Pow'R-Pull ® 2-ton Come-along

Not your discount-store type pullers!
Item #: PP20
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Manufacturer: BucketBoss
Manuf. Part #: 144SB-6
Weight (lbs): 9
Cable Length: 6'
Rated Capacity: 2 Ton
Gear Ratio: 30:1
Diameter: 3/16"
Price: $49.99
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These premium, reliable cable pullers are made with the highest quality components including one-piece aluminum alloy ratchet wheels, drop forged steel slip hooks and galvanized 3/16" cable. They feature "notch-at-a-time" let down for complete control of the load, plus a non-slip hand grip.
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All versions of Pow'R-Pull ® Come-alongs:
Item # Cable Length Rated Capacity Gear Ratio Diameter Each
PP20 6' 2 Ton 30:1 3/16" $49.99
PP30 12' 3 Ton 35:1 5/16" $190.99
PP10 12' 1 Ton 15:1 3/8" $40.99