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Joker Sling Hook, Yellow

Safely attach Roundslings directly to your lifting point
Joker Sling Hook, Yellow
Item #: JSH3
Manufacturer: SPANSET
Manuf. Part #: ASH3
Weight (lbs): 4.8
Color: Yellow
Load Capacity: 8,400 lb.
Price: $91.99
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These Sling Hooks feature an enlarged shoulder area that protects Roundslings from chafing, a forged hook and safety catch. Simply thread your Roundsling through the Joker™ Sling Hook without the need for tools. Then, attach the Joker™ to the lifting point on your load. Each hook is color coded to match the Roundsling color and rated capacity for the safest and most efficient operation.
  • Increase Safety and Efficiency: Safely attach the correct Hook Sling to its corresponding Roundsling by simply matching the colors
  • Specifically Designed for Roundslings: Throat opening and enlarged shoulder area are specifically designed for use with Roundslings
  • Easy to Use: Simply thread your Roundsling through the Joker™ and attach to the lifting point on your load. No need for additional tools
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All versions of Joker™ Sling Hooks:
Item # Color Load Capacity Each
JSH2 Green 5,300 lb. $70.99
JSH1 Purple 2,600 lb. $52.99
JSH3 Yellow 8,400 lb. $91.99