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Low-Profile V-Bridle with 15" J-Hooks, T-Hooks and Mini J-Hooks 2'L Legs

Straps are less likely to cause damage to a vehicle than chains
Item #: TPV70G
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Manufacturer: AW DIRECT
Manuf. Part #: TPN711-8CLTJ30
Weight (lbs): 16.7
Price: $145.99
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  • Double-ply 2"W
  • 5,400-lb. WLL at 60
  • Grade 70, 5/16" hardware
  • Finished edges

Straps help you avoid metal to metal contact with your customer's vehicle. Multiple attachment options and styles to suit your loading needs. Reflective gray polyester webbing is PVB-coated for resistance against chemicals, UV rays and dirt. TPV70H and TPV70M are low profile, further helping to reduce damage to the undercarriage of your customer's vehicle.

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