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MAXXIMA Mini Combination Clearance/Marker Light, Amber Lens, Amber LEDs

Superior light output, but takes up less space
Item #: MXR9AA
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Manufacturer: Maxxima Lighting
Manuf. Part #: M09360Y
Weight (lbs): 0.5
LED Color: Amber
Lens Color: Amber
Price: $8.99
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These mini LED lights have lenses that measure just 3/4" dia. to deliver excellent light output in small spaces. They mount easily to your vehicle in a 3/4" hole. The three SMD LED bulbs meet PC requirements and allow lights to serve as two when mounted at a 45° angle. 12V DC power.


Amber lens color

White lens color

Red lens color

Green lens color

  • Increase Visibility: Bright LEDs light up any area
  • Compact Design: Tiny marker lamps take up less space with lenses that measure just 3/4" dia.
  • Easy Installation: Mount easily to your vehicle in a 3/4" hole
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All versions of Maxxima Mini Combination Clearance/Marker Lights:
Item # LED Color Lens Color Each
MXR9AA Amber Amber $8.99
MXR9CC White Clear $10.99
MXR9RR Red Red $8.99
MXR9GG Green Green $10.95