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OzCharge 12V Super Capacitor Jump Starter

The most advanced, most reliable jump starter on the market
OzCharge 12V Super Capacitor Jump Starter
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Intelligent, microprocessor-controlled operation makes emergency charging easier than ever. After charging, power from the device is transferred to your vehicle for a fast, reliable start. After charging, just press the RUN button and start your vehicle. Suitable for automotive and marine applications including passenger vehicles, boats, taxis, emergency vehicles, fleet vehicles, courier vehicles and motorcycles.

Three ways to charge:

  1. Charge from Car Battery - ready in as few as 90 sec.
  2. Charge from DC input (cigarette) - ready to use in 3 min.
  3. Charge from USB port - ready to use in 25 min.
  • Safe: Reverse polarity, short circuit protection and spark-proof technology is safe for any skill-level
  • Store in Vehicle: Can be left in a vehicle for 10 yr. without requiring maintenance
  • Converter Circuit: Charges itself on a flat battery as long as there are at least 3V available
  • Durable: Heavy-duty clamps with a impact-resistant housing