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Vionic LED High Beam Headlight

Vionic LED High Beam Headlight
Item #: MHL46HV
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Manufacturer: Maxxima Lighting
Weight (lbs): 2.3
Beam Type: High
# of LEDS: 1
Lens Size: 4" x 6"
Price: $175.99
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  • White Light: See objects in the road sooner and clearer

  • Wider Beam: Light up the side of the road also

  • Easy Installation: Direct replacement for existing Halogen lights

  • Thinner and Lighter: Only 1.5 lb. to prevent damage to your truck's light bucket
  • The Maxxima Vionic high beam headlight is the latest in LED headlamp technology. This lamp incorporates a wider beam for increased peripheral vision and better up close illumination.

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    All versions of Maxxima LED Headlights:
    Item # Beam Type # of LEDS Lens Size Each
    MHL46HV High 1 4" x 6" $175.99
    MHL46DV Low with Day Time Running Light 5 4" x 6" $185.99
    MHL46LV Low 1 4" x 6" $175.99