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PSE Amber® Replacement Rotator Assembly for Amber Rotator Lightbars, Mini Lightbars, and PS66 Beacons

Easily replace your worn strobes and rotators
Item #: PSP1
Manufacturer: CODE 3, INC.
Manuf. Part #: S95983M (2)
Weight (lbs): 0.4
Description: Standard Speed Rotator Assembly
Price: $85.99
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These replacement parts for strobe and rotator assemblies improve the look and performance of your Code 3 lightbars.
  • Easy to Assemble: Simply replace worn strobe and rotator assemblies with new parts
  • Great Value: Extends the life of Code 3 lightbars
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All versions of PSE AMBER Replacement Strobe and Rotator Assemblies:
Item # Description Each
PSP1 Standard Speed Rotator Assembly $85.99
5039015 XL & Force 4 XL Standard Speed Rotator Assembly $80.99