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PSE Amber® LP 6000 Escort Rotator Lightbar, Amber

Maximum warning light at a great price
PSE Amber® LP 6000 Escort Rotator Lightbar, Amber
Item #: LP45A
Manufacturer: CODE 3, INC.
Manuf. Part #: LP45A
Weight (lbs): 23
Description: LP 6000 Escort Lightbar
LED Color: Amber
Amp Draw: 16
Watts: 220
Price: $505.99
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These 47"L Rotator Lightbars feature an extruded aluminum base and polycarbonate lenses for maximum durability. Lights come with a 15'L wiring harness and hardware for mounting to flat surfaces. 12V DC.


LP 6000 Escort Rotator Lightbar features two flat mirrors, two 95 fpm and two 175 fpm speed rotators.

LP 6000 Economy Rotator Lightbar features four 95 fpm speed rotators and two diamond mirrors.

  • Maximum Warning Light: Combination of speed rotators and mirrors produce eye-catching warning signals
  • Durable Construction: Lights have aluminum base and polycarbonate lenses to withstand daily usage
  • Draw: 16A; 220W output
  • Dimensions: 47"W x 11-1/4"W x 4-7/8"H
Hook-On/Permanent Roof Mount Kit sold separately. SAE J845, Class 1.
Tow Hook Access 1
Transmitter Type 0
Travel 0
Absorbent Capacity 47"L X 11-1/4"W X 4-7/8"H
Usage 15 ft
Used On ZZ3 Extra
Shank Length PSE/Amber
Vertical WLL 4
Voltage 2
Waist Size 1000
Waterproof 16
Watts 220
Weight 50/55W 95FPM + 50/55W 175FPM
Weight Capacity Upper

Full Size Rotator Lightbars

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All versions of PSE AMBER LP 6000 Rotator Lightbars:
Item # Description LED Color Amp Draw Watts Each
LP45A LP 6000 Escort Lightbar Amber 16 220 $505.99