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Overwind Roller Tensioner for Worm Gear Application, Short Drum Series 200/300

Aids in level winding
Item #: RM50B
Manufacturer: RAMSEY WINCH
Manuf. Part #: 256154
Weight (lbs): 4
Gear: Worm
Applications: HDY, HY, HSWY, DCY
Drum Width: 6-5/16"
Spool Direction: Overwind
Price: $185.99
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  • Reduces bird-nesting
  • Maintenance free
  • Increases cable life

Easy-to-install Roller Tensioner Guide is permanently lubricated with oil-impregnated bronze bushings. Zinc-plated components resist corrosion. Torsional springs provide uniform pressure for smooth, easy spooling of steel cable or synthetic rope. Works with: HY-200, HDY-200, HY-300, HDY-234, HY-346, HDGY-350, HSWY-10000, DCY-200, DCY-24-200, DCY-246, DCY-24-246, DCY-300, DCY-24-300, DCY-346, DCY-24-346, DCY-12-34.9 and DCY-24-34.9 winches.

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All versions of Ramsey Roller Tensioner Guides, Worm Gears:
Item # Gear Applications Drum Width Spool Direction Each
RM50B Worm HDY, HY, HSWY, DCY 6-5/16" Overwind $185.99
RM50C Worm H, HY, HG, HGY 11-5/8" Overwind $185.99
RM50A Worm H, HD, HDG, HSW, DC 11-5/16" Overwind $185.99
RM50D Worm H, HD, HDG, HSW, DC 11-5/16" Underwind $185.99
RM50E Worm H, HG 11-5/8" Underwind $185.99