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Reebok Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes, 15W

Ideal for orchards or mining sites
Reebok Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes, 15W
Item #: RB450115W
Manufacturer: REEBOK
Manuf. Part #: RB4501 15W
Weight (lbs): 3.5
Size: 15
Width: Wide
Price: $119.97
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Gives you an easy way to ensure safe working conditions for individuals exposed to chemicals or contaminants. Emergency Tank Shower is temperature-controlled by an immersion heater with dual safety thermostat. External, water level monitor provides visibility to tank levels. Intended for use within a temperature range of 14°F to 104°F. Assembly required. Holds 528 gal.

  • Increased Safety: Provide safe working conditions where plumbing for safety showers isn't possible
  • Easy to Use: Activates quickly with a push bar
  • Standard Power: 110V single phase, 60/50Hz electrical supply
  • Compliant: Meet or exceed ANSI and European standards by providing tepid water for over 15 min. at a flow of 20 US gal./min.
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All versions of REEBOK Arion Athletic Oxford Work Shoes:
Item # Size Width Each
RB4501115W 11-1/2 Wide $119.97
RB450115W 15 Wide $119.97
RB450115M 15 Medium $119.97
RB4501115M 11-1/2 Medium $119.97
RB450111M 11 Medium $119.97
RB450110M 10 Medium $119.97
RB45019M 9 Medium $119.97
RB450185W 8-1/2 Wide $119.97
RB450185M 8-1/2 Medium $119.97
RB45018W 8 Wide $119.97
RB45018M 8 Medium $119.97
RB450175W 7-1/2 Wide $119.97
RB450175M 7-1/2 Medium $119.97
RB45017W 7 Wide $119.97
RB45017M 7 Medium $119.97