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Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench, 12"

Ideal for just about any job

Item #: 230144
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California Proposition 65
Weight (lbs): 1.6
Length: 12"
Price: $36.49
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This adjustable, reversible wrench has an almost endless amount of uses. The increased capacity supports larger nuts and pipe. Minimal head width improves performance in confined spaces. Chrome Vanadium steel construction.

  • Versatile: Works on bolts and round stock
  • Tight Grip: Angled teeth grab tight on round surfaces
  • Measure-At-A-Glance: Built-in scales are ideal for sizing nuts, bolts and tubes
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All versions of Channel Lock Adjustable Reversible Jaw Wrenches:
Item # Length Each
230143 10" $28.49
230144 12" $36.49
230141 6" $19.99
230142 8" $24.49