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AW DIRECT Salt Rinse, 1 gal.

Eliminate unsightly salt stains
Item #: 230223
Manufacturer: AW DIRECT
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Salt Rinse is the perfect cleaner to remove and prevent chalky white residue from ice melting products on your office flooring. Can also be used to remove salt film from heavy equipment. Added Cherry fragrance eliminates harsh chemical odors. For mopping floors, dilute up to 3 oz. in a gallon of water and let stand for several minutes before removing. To clean equipment, dilute 6 oz. in a gallon of water and apply with a sprayer, allowing the solution to stand for several minutes before rinsing. On carpets dilute up to 3 oz. per gallon of water and use with carpet extraction equipment.

NOTE: Do not dilute with Hot Water or mix the product with any other chemical or cleaner.

  • Versatile: Works on hardwood, vinyl, metal and carpeted floors
  • Effective: Cuts through residue form ice melting chemicals
  • Easy to use: Daily mopping cleans and prevents stains
  • Safe: Won't harm finished or painted surfaces