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AW Direct Slashes Pricing on Top-Selling Straps

Yellow Polyester 2"W x 7'9"L Lasso Wheel Lift Strap
Item #: TYS10
WAS: $11.95
NOW: $9.99
<p>2"W Yellow Polyester Auto Tie-Down Strap </p>
Item #: TYS27
WAS: $24.95
NOW: $21.99
<p>Yellow Polyester Cluster Ratchet Tie-Down with Chain End</p>
Item #: TYS28AL
WAS: $43.95
NOW: $37.99
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An unbeatable value

"Time and time again, our customers (towing professionals) tell us that safety is their biggest concern," says Michele Smedberg of AW Direct, a 12-year industry veteran. "Over the years, we've seen more and more people opting for cheap straps. For those who insist on bargain shopping straps, we want to give them a better option. We are now offering five of our best-selling straps at unbeatable value."

B/A Products of Columbia, Md., is the manufacturer of the straps.

"It's very clear to us—from both third-party testing and ongoing customer feedback—that our straps are the best," Smedberg continues. "Now that we're offering them at an unbeatable value, the decision a towing professional has to make is really a no brainer."

"Great value!" says Bobby from San Antonio, a happy AW Direct customer who purchased the TYS10 strap back in February.

Replace your worn-out straps before it’s too late

Watch the video below to learn about the 7 critical warning signs that your existing straps should be taken out of service before your safety is compromised:

  1. Surface and edge cuts
  2. Holes, snags and pulls
  3. You got that fuzzy feelin' – abrasion
  4. Heat and chemical damage
  5. Knots
  6. Worn or broken stitching
  7. Illegible or missing tags – an OSHA no-no