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Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt, Ash Gray, Regular S

Pre-shrunk and comfortable in a variety of colors
Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt, Ash Gray, Regular S
Item #: 224426-ASHREGS
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Weight (lbs): 0.4
Size: S
Color: Ash Gray
Price: $9.99
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NOTE: Some sizes not available in every color.

NOTE: Orange is a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, ash gray is a 99% cotton/1% polyester blend, and sport gray is a 90% cotton/10% polyester blend. All other colors are 100% cotton.

  • 6-oz. cotton shirts are preshrunk, comfortable and cool-wearing
  • Double-stitched neck
  • Sleeves and hem keep shirt's shape after repeated washing
  • Color choices: ash gray, lime, navy, olive, orange, sport gray
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All versions of Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt:
Item # Size Color Each
224426-ASHREGS S Ash Gray $9.99
224426-ASHREGM M Ash Gray $9.99
224426-ASHREGL L Ash Gray $9.99
224426-ASHREGXL XL Ash Gray $9.99
224426-ASHREG2X 2XL Ash Gray $9.99
224426-ASHREG4X 4XL Ash Gray $11.99
224426-SGRREGS S Lime $9.99
224426-SGRREGM M Lime $9.99
224426-SGRREGL L Lime $9.99
224426-SGRREGXL XL Lime $9.99
224426-SGRREG2X 2XL Lime $9.99
224426-SGRREG3X 3XL Lime $11.99
224426-NVYREGS S Navy $9.99
224426-NVYREGM M Navy $9.99
224426-NVYREGL L Navy $9.99
224426-NVYREGXL XL Navy $9.99
224426-NVYREG2X 2XL Navy $9.99
224426-NVYREG3X 3XL Navy $11.99
224426-NVYREG4X 4XL Navy $11.99
224426-NVYTALXLT XLT Navy $11.99
224426-NVYTAL2XT 2XLT Navy $11.99
224426-NVYTAL3XT 3XLT Navy $11.99
224426-OLVREGM M Olive $9.99
224426-OLVREGL L Olive $9.99
224426-OLVREGXL XL Olive $9.99
224426-OLVREG2X 2XL Olive $9.99
224426-OLVREG4X 4XL Olive $11.99
224426-SORREGS S Orange $9.99
224426-SORREGM M Orange $9.99
224426-SORREGL L Orange $9.99
224426-SORREGXL XL Orange $9.99
224426-SORREG2X 2XL Orange $9.99
224426-SORREG3X 3XL Orange $11.99
224426-GRYREGS S Sport Gray $9.99
224426-GRYREGM M Sport Gray $9.99
224426-GRYREGL L Sport Gray $9.99
224426-GRYREGXL XL Sport Gray $9.99
224426-GRYREG2X 2XL Sport Gray $9.99
224426-GRYREG3X 3XL Sport Gray $11.99
224426-GRYREG4X 4XL Sport Gray $11.99
224426-GRYTALXLT XLT Sport Gray $11.99
224426-GRYTAL2XT 2XLT Sport Gray $11.99
224426-GRYTAL3XT 3XLT Sport Gray $11.99