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Showers Pass® Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks, S/M (Men's 6-7 or Women's 7-9), Black

Lightweight construction is ideal for active days and hot conditions
Item #: 230611-BLKSM
Weight (lbs): 0.5
Size: S/M
Fits Shoe Size: Men's 6-7, Women's 7-9
Color: Black
Price: $35.00
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Lightweight Crosspoint Waterproof Socks are a great way to keep your feet dry, no matter where the day takes you or what you have to walk through to hook up a vehicle. Three-layers keep water out and prevent heat buildup, to solve the soggy toe problem caused by other waterproof footwear. Machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low heat—or hang dry to prevent shrinkage.

  • Thinner: 9% lighter than other Crosspoint Waterproof Socks to keep you cooler on the job
  • Waterproof: Feel like socks, but provide the protection of waterproof rain boots
  • Breathable: Breathable Artex membrane and Coolmax FX moisture wicking lining work together to keep your feet dry—not sweaty
  • Odor Resistant: Anti-bacterial lining keeps sock fresh

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All versions of Showers Pass® Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks:
Item # Size Fits Shoe Size Color Each
230611-BLKSM S/M Men's 6-7, Women's 7-9 Black $35.00
230611-BLKML M/L Men's 7-10, Women's 9-12 Black $35.00
230611-BLKLXL L/XL Men's 10-12 Black $35.00
230611-BLK2XL 2XL Men's 12-15-1/2 Black $35.00
230611-GRYSM S/M Men's 6-7, Women's 7-9 Gray $35.00
230611-GRYML M/L Men's 7-10, Women's 9-12 Gray $35.00
230611-GRYLXL L/XL Men's 10-12 Gray $35.00
230611-GRY2XL 2XL Men's 12-15-1/2 Gray $35.00
230611-PNKSM S/M Men's 6-7, Women's 7-9 Pink $35.00
230611-PNKML M/L Men's 7-10, Women's 9-12 Pink $35.00
230611-PNKLXL L/XL Men's 10-12 Pink $35.00
230611-PNK2XL 2XL Men's 12-15-1/2 Pink $35.00