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Tow Lights

Towing lights provide the stop, tail, right turn and left turn signals on the vehicle you're towing. We carry towing lights and drag lights with magnetic and/or suction cup mounting options, plus tow light accessories like brackets, extension cables and bruise tape.

AW Direct is your source for tow lights.
Towing Lights and Tow Light Accessories
  • Accessories


    • Rubber Magnet Boots
    • Tow Light Extension Cable
    • Power Cables
  • Parts


    • Replacement Magnets
    • Charge Cords
    • Batteries
  • Tow Lights

    Tow Lights

    • Drag Lights
    • Wide Load Lightbars
  • Wireless Tow Lights

    Wireless Tow Lights

    • Wireless Tow Bars
    • Wireless Tow Lights
    • Wireless Wide Load Bars