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Helios Tow Light Bar, 6-Pin Transmitter, Yellow Diamond Plate

Tow Light Bar features a rechargeable, removable, long-lasting
Item #: HL38Y6
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Manufacturer: TOWMATE LLC
Manuf. Part #: HL38BUD-6
Weight (lbs): 8
Color: Yellow Diamond Plate Design
Transmitter Type: 6-Way
Price: $450.00
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  • Charges with 12V outlet
  • Run time of over 18 hr.
  • 10-yr. battery life expectancy with proper care
  • 1,000' range
  • 39.5"L x 2"H x 2.5"D

Features wireless sequential stop/tail/turn lights, back-up lights and side marker lights. Includes 100-lb. pull magnets, removable lithium ion battery pack, transmitter with provision for back-up lights and a 12V charging station. Gloss housing.

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All versions of Towmate Helios Tow Light Bars:
Item # Color Transmitter Type Each
HL38C6 Black Carbon Fiber Design 6-Way $450.00
HL38Y6 Yellow Diamond Plate Design 6-Way $450.00
HL38C7 Black Carbon Fiber Design 7-Way $450.00
HL38Y7 Yellow Diamond Plate Design 7-Way $450.00
HL38Y7RV Yellow Diamond Plate Design 7-Way $450.00
HL38C7RV Black Carbon Fiber Design 7-Way $450.00
HL38Y Yellow Diamond Plate Design Hardwire $450.00
HL38C Black Carbon Fiber Design Hardwire $450.00