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ULTRATECH PopUp Pools®, 100 Gal.

PopUp Pools minimize environmental damage and related clean-up costs
Item #: PUP100
Manuf. Part #: 8102
Weight (lbs): 4.5
Capacity: 100 gal.
Price: $128.99
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Simply shake out the pool to expand for use. The patented closed-cell foam ring rises with the level of the liquid in the pool.

  • Versatile Size: Provides effective containment of larger spills, but folds for storage
  • Easy to Use: Place under the source of a leak to contain chemicals leaked from vehicles, tanks and drums
  • Chemical-Resistant: Durable, 10-mil polyethylene offers excellent chemical-resistance for fuels, corrosive acids and caustics

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All versions of ULTRATECH PopUp Pools:
Item # Capacity Each
PUP100 100 gal. $128.99
PUP66 66 gal. $121.99
PUP20 20 gal. $93.99