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Weego Jump Packs, N44

USB charger automatically provides fastest charge to your phones, tablets and other USB devices
Weego Jump Packs, N44
Item #: 230718
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Weight (lbs): 3.5
Peak Amps: 2,100
Cranking Amps: 400
Price: $149.99
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44 Jump Pack starts up to 7L gas and 3.5L diesel engines, charges phoned and laptops. 2100 peak amps and 400 cranking amps. Also functions as a 500 lumen flashlight.

66 Jump Pack starts up to 10L gas and 5L diesel engines, charges phoned and laptops. 2500 peak amps and 600 true cranking amps. Also functions as a 600 lumen flashlight.

Includes a battery pack, Smarty Clamps, wall and car chargers, hook and lanyard, water-resistant carrying case, owner's manual and quick start guide packed in a collectible tin.

  • Patented Smarty Clamps®: Tapered to get into tight spaces and powered on both sides of teeth to ensure best possible connection
  • Versatile: Jumps starts gas and diesel engines, charges phones and laptops and includes a flashlight
  • Long Lasting: Maintain 3-yr. standby power on a single charge
  • Easy to Use: A sequence of lights and sounds guide you through the jump process
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All versions of Weego Jump Packs:
Item # Peak Amps Cranking Amps Each
230718 2,100 400 $149.99
230719 2,500 600 $199.99