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Wide Rear Axle Fork - 6-1/2"W x 8"H

Makes rear axle towing easy.
Item #: BW600
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Manuf. Part #: AW600
Weight (lbs): 29
Fork Mouth Opening: 6-1/2"
Pick Height: 8"
Price: $218.99
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This Wide Rear Axle Fork was designed to make rear axle towing simple. Many of the newer trucks are equipped with air bags or low mount light brackets. The 8" stinger to trough clearance allows you to avoid these obstacles for an easy lift. Sold individually.
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All versions of Wide Rear Axle Forks:
Item # Fork Mouth Opening Pick Height Each
BW600 6-1/2" 8" $218.99
BW500 5-1/2" 8" $188.59